Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BlahBlahBlahBlah BLAHHHH !!

So anyways, i spoiled someone's ipod today by making it hang. NOT ON PURPOSE OKAY NICHOLAS. It was an accident and i have no idea how it happened, i promise. Butttt, thank God, with my owh-so-brilliant idea, i told him to just let the battery drain and then charge it and restart it again. AND APPARENTLY IT WORKEDDDD!! WHEEEEHEEEEE!! I don't feel so guilty anymore heh.

Oh and did i mention Facebook absoluteleeehhhhh hateeesss meeeeee..? Yeah it does. I don't know why, since i've been nothing but nice to it. Geez FB why are you doing this to me?? Pfft! Okay enough with the crazee talk to the so un-lively FB. I know i sound like some lunatic, but i'm very sane i assure you :D

Awesomeness, and now photoshop has gone on a IHATECHARITY strike too. i will not say " Can things get any worse?? " cause i know it will, once i say it. Gawwwddddd. And now my left leg is numb whoopieeee.

Hayder loves Nicole Kidman, i love Channing Tatum, Shahab loves all. Hahaha! And he says he's finally taken a picture of me. -____- Danny says F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F!!! " o.O Whatsss thattt??? " says me. He says " Refresh lah ! Failed computer user ! " THANK YOU DANNY TANNN.. :D


Picture credited to Shahab the iranian ! :D

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